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Daniel Stern and Dominic J. Walton 2020 ApJL 895 L38

Archival Keck data are used to identify for the first time, from a detected emission line, the spectroscopic redshift for the source gravitationally lensed into the first Einstein ring ever detected: MG 1131+0456.

Ivan N. Sharykin and Alexander G. Kosovichev 2020 ApJ 895 76

Analysis of helioseismic events — sunquakes — in Solar Cycle 24 shows that many strong sunquakes were produced by solar flares of low M class, and the sunquake mechanism is associated with high-energy particles.

Angelo Ricarte et al 2020 ApJL 895 L8

Simulations suggest that prior to quenching star formation, ram pressure on in-falling galaxies in a cluster triggers enhanced accretion onto the galaxy’s central black hole. AGN feedback then contributes to quenching.

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