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Chloe B. Beddingfield et al 2022 Planet. Sci. J. 3 106
The unusual terrain on the surface of Uranus’s moon Ariel has an elastic thickness of 4–11 km in the regions studied, which could lead to a wide range of heat fluxes, depending on its composition.

Melissa Elizabeth Morris et al 2022 AJ 163 280
Galaxies with bent active galactic nucleus jets are more likely to be found in galaxy clusters than those with unbent jets, though a curious few galaxies with bent jets reside in regions that lack other galaxies.

B-G Andersson et al 2022 ApJ 931 80
Magnetic fields are known to align silicate dust grains, resulting in polarization of starlight, and though carbon-rich dust grains have no such intrinsic alignment, they might be aligned by radiation pressure.
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