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Hu Zou et al 2019 ApJS 245 4

The Beijing–Arizona Sky Survey, a wide and deep optical imaging survey covering a 5400 deg2 area, aims to provide galaxy and quasar targets for follow-up by the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument.

Yutaka Hirai et al 2019 ApJ 885 33

New simulations demonstrate that neutron-star mergers, asymptotic giant branch stars, electron-capture supernovae, and rotating massive stars all play roles in the enrichment histories of Local Group dwarf galaxies.

Hadis Goodarzi et al 2019 ApJS 244 37

Analysis of the light curves of 1740 flare stars indicates that flare frequency and the total power of flares correlates with increasing relative magnetic feature coverage and contrast in F–M-type stars.

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