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Michaël Marsset et al 2020 Planet. Sci. J. 1 16

Examination of three binary trans-Neptunian objects show similar colors for each of the pairs, suggesting similar surface composition and supporting an origin model of gravitational collapse of a pebble cloud.

Petr Pokorný et al 2020 ApJ 894 114

New analysis of regions within 5° of the two lunar poles shows that the poles are easily accessible by meteoroid impacts, including the permanently shadowed regions within deep lunar craters.

Veselin B. Kostov et al 2020 AJ 159 253

The Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) has found its first planet orbiting around an eclipsing binary star system. The planet is ~6.9 Earth radii and has an orbital period of 95.2 days.

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