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Alexandre Emsenhuber and Erik Asphaug 2019 ApJ 875 95

In similar-sized planetary collisions, a significant part of the impactor often continues downrange. Roughly 50% of these “runners” reimpact their target planets; the others remain in orbit for tens of millions of years.

Dong-Woo Kim et al 2019 ApJS 241 36

In a new project, spatially resolved 2D spectral maps have been created of the hot gas from 70 individual early-type galaxies; they are available for general use at the Chandra Galaxy Atlas (CGA) website.

Stephanie H. Ho et al 2019 ApJ 875 54

Cosmological hydrodynamic simulations suggest that cold gas accretes onto galaxies anisotropically and it can plausibly account for sustaining the star-forming activities of many galaxies.

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