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Chan-Kao Chang et al 2019 ApJS 241 6

A Pan-STARRS survey of asteroid rotation periods has discovered 7 new super-fast rotators, asteroids with rotation periods shorter than 2 hours and diameters larger than ~0.3 km.

Brenna Mockler et al 2019 ApJ 872 151

Modeling of 14 tidal disruption events suggest the events have black-hole masses of 106–108 M and that the masses predicted are as reliable as those based on bulk galaxy properties.

L. Gao et al 2019 ApJL 873 L11

A ring of 20 OMEGA laser beams was used to generate supersonic, cylindrical, stable plasma jets with mega-gauss-strength magnetic fields. These jets can be used to simulate and study astrophysical jets.

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