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S. Mathur et al 2018 ApJ 866 123

The quasar Mrk 590 appears to again be changing its appearance, indicating that the change in AGN type is neither due to obscuration nor due to one-way evolution; it may instead be related to episodic accretion events.

Joseph L. Hora et al 2018 ApJS 238 22

Light curves, periods, and amplitudes are presented for a subset of 38 near-Earth objects observed at 4.5 μm with the IRAC camera on the the Spitzer Space Telescope.

Valeria Korol et al 2018 ApJL 866 L20

Between a dozen to several tens of double white dwarf binaries should be above the nominal detection threshold for LISA in neighboring galaxies within the Local Group, for a mission duration between 4 and 10 years.

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