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Samuel N. Quinn et al 2019 AJ 158 177

TESS has discovered a multi-planet system of up to five planets around the dwarf star TOI-125, providing an opportunity to study planets of similar size while controlling for age and environment.

Aidan McBride and Marina Kounkel 2019 ApJ 884 6

Gaia DR2 data is used to identify 26 candidate runaway stars that likely experienced dynamical ejection from unstable young triple systems or some other close three-body encounter in the last 1 Myr.

Ye Li et al 2019 ApJL 884 L26

The host galaxy of FRB 121102 is consistent with those of long gamma-ray bursts and superluminous supernovae, but host galaxy candidates of other nearby fast radio bursts are not — suggesting that FRB hosts are very diverse.

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