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Daniel J. Whalen et al 2020 ApJL 897 L16

Cosmological simulations show that black holes born from the direct collapse of population III stars in cold accretion flows — which could grow to a billion solar masses by z ~ 7 — could be detectable by the James Webb Space Telescope.

Klaus M. Pontoppidan et al 2020 ApJ 896 169

New near-infrared imaging of the great disk shadow in the Serpens star-forming region demonstrate strong variability of the disk shadow, revealing dynamics of the inner disk on timescales of months.

David Jewitt et al 2020 ApJL 896 L39

Hubble observations of interstellar comet 2I/Borisov reveal an outburst and splitting of the comet’s nucleus, likely ejecting one or more meter-sized boulders that nonetheless made up a small fraction of the comet’s mass.

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