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P. Iwanek et al 2019 ApJ 879 114

Two decades of Optical Gravitational Lensing Experiment (OGLE) data have uncovered 12,660 spotted variable stars toward and inside the galactic bulge, the vast majority of which are giants.

Rayna Rampalli et al 2019 AJ 158 62

The long-running search for a giant transiting planet in an open cluster remains fruitless after a recent candidate, a hot Saturn orbiting the late F star K2-308, is shown to not belong to the open cluster NGC 1817 after all.

Megan E. Schwamb et al 2019 ApJS 243 12

Early results from Col-OSSOS, which is acquiring g, r, and J photometry of 100 trans-Neptunian objects, suggest that the primordial solar system protoplanetesimal disk is neutral-class rather than red-class dominated.

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