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Raffaele D’Abrusco et al 2019 ApJS 242 4

Two new catalogs are presented of radio-loud candidate blazars with mid-infrared colors consistent with the colors of confirmed γ-ray-emitting blazars; these catalogs will help with identification of the γ-ray sky.

Philip Massey et al 2019 AJ 157 227

11 new quasars have been discovered behind the stellar disks of the spiral galaxies M31 and M33, bringing the total to 26; these sources will serve as excellent probes of the interstellar medium in these stellar disks.

Richard L. White et al 2019 ApJS 241 37

A new VLA radio survey of the Local-Group galaxy M33 produced a catalog of 2,875 sources, including 155 optical supernova remnants — the largest sample of remnants at known distances with multiwavelength coverage.

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