Heating Up a Solar Flare

Just in time for a summer heatwave: What can models tell us about how solar flares are heated?


Exploring an Odd Stellar Death

Massive stars can die in a lot of different ways! A new study explores one possible channel in more detail.

SOHO image of solar chromosphere

What does your uncle have in common with the Sun? Astrobites reports on a new discovery in the Sun’s atmosphere.

PDS 70 system

These ALMA images reveal emission from a disk of dust feeding a new planet and possibly providing material for future moons.

gas-giant formation

Astrobites reports on a new study that explores how hot Jupiters are built by examining where they are missing.

black holes in a globular cluster

Why were the black holes spotted by LIGO so massive? A new study looks at what happens when black holes interact in star clusters.

Hubble extreme deep field

Astrobites reports on a deep-learning network that classifies images of galaxies based on their shape, pixel by pixel.

Venus Express

What happens to Venus when an enormous solar eruption slams into the planet? In 2011, the Venus Express spacecraft was on site to find out!

SN 1987A

We’ve detected gravitational waves from colliding neutron stars and black holes. Could we detect them from supernovae, too?