black widow pulsar

An Extreme Pulsar Seen in Gamma Rays

One of the fastest spinning radio pulsars known has now been detected to pulse in gamma rays, too.


How a star spins can significantly impact its evolution — yet stellar rotation remains poorly understood. Astrobites reports on what we can learn by studying stellar pulsations.

exoplanet system

To study the atmosphere of an exoplanet, it turns out we need to have a solid handle on its mass.

The Planetary Science Journal

The Planetary Science Journal is a new home for your research articles investigating our own solar system and other planetary systems.

tidal disruption event

A new study explores what happens when a passing star has a close encounter with a supermassive black hole — and lives to tell the tale.


Searching for Supernova Survivors

Supernovae may be among the most powerful events in the cosmos, but astronomers think that companion stars may be able to survive these intense explosions. Astrobites reports.

Hevelius's observatory

Observations from a Polish astronomer in the 1600s may be important for understanding a prolonged period of reduced sunspot activity.

M-dwarf planets

Climates of Distant Terrestrial Worlds

What determines the climate of an Earth-like planet orbiting its host star? A new study explores how distant worlds are shaped by their hosts.