A Discovery of a Triple AGN System

Astrobites reports on a newly detected triple system of supermassive black holes feeding at the centers of merging galaxies.

Crab nebula

A New Measurement of Turbulence

A new study brings us a little closer to understanding a complex phenomenon that reaches across environments and scales in our universe.


A Standard of Black Hole Mergers

How can the gravitational waves from black hole mergers help us understand the universe’s evolution?

exoplanet system

A set of four baby planets discovered around a young Sun-like star may provide insight into how planetary systems form and evolve.


Astrobites reports on possible depictions of auroral activity found in ancient cuneiform tablets.

jellyfish galaxy

Feeling jelly? This detailed image reveals the molecular gas in the long tail of a jellyfish galaxy.


Not All Black Holes That Wander Are Lost

Astrobites reports on the surprising result of a search for radio active galaxy centers in nearby dwarf galaxies.

red disk galaxy

There’s lots of gas left — but these dead disk galaxies aren’t forming stars! Astrobites reports on a galactic conundrum.


Astrobites explores the possible reasons why one magnetar is emitting bursts of energetic radio waves.