image of the milky way's supermassive black hole from the event horizon telescope

The planet-spanning Event Horizon Telescope has captured the first image of Sagittarius A*, the supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way.

collage of 18 fields containing submillimeter galaxies

A close look at bright galaxies in the first few billion years of the universe may help us understand why these early galaxies formed stars so vigorously.

illustration of a giant impact

Astrobites reports on Earth’s early days, when massive asteroid impacts may have rendered our home planet somewhat less than hospitable.

collage of six views of the sun from solar orbiter

Spotting Dots on the Sun

The Solar Orbiter spacecraft has snapped photos of tiny, bright dots on the Sun. What’s the deal with these dots?

photograph of a page of handwritten notes from the 1700s

A new special collection of the Bulletin of the American Astronomical Society encapsulates the work presented at LISA IX, a conference dedicated to stewardship of historical and modern astronomical data.

projection of the milky way

What do binary stars have to do with dark matter? More than you might expect!

illustration of exoplanetary systems

Astrobites reports on the “continuous habitable zone” — an important criterion for selecting exoplanets for future atmospheric characterization.

high-resolution radio image of abell 2256

Nearby galaxy cluster Abell 2256 is home to some amazing radio structures, which new observations have revealed in greater detail than ever before.