primordial black hole

Black Holes During the Cosmic Dawn

Astrobites explores how some of the first black holes might have broadly affected the universe around them.

solar current sheet

Long, thin current sheets — like that the one extending from the Sun in this spectacular image — may be much more turbulent than we’d realized.

Puppis A

Clues from an Unexpected Glitch

A spinning neutron star known for its predictability has surprised us with an unexpected hiccup.


’Oumuamua is back in the headlines again. What does some of the latest research say about this interstellar body?

BNS ejecta

Astrobites reports on what we can learn from the largest set of neutron-star merger simulations with realistic microphysics to date.

Helix Nebula (NGC 7293)

Electrons of the Interstellar Medium

What’s really going on with electrons in planetary nebulae and H II regions?

AAS Publishing

In the age of the internet, when anything can be posted online and viewed around the world, what is the value and role of a scientific journal?

star field

Perfect Blackbodies in the Sky

A recent study has uncovered 17 stars with truly blackbody spectra. What are these unexpected spherical cows, and what can we use them for?