Three images of M87 at different wavelengths

A Colorful Image of a Black Hole

The first ever image of a black hole just got even more detailed! Astrobites reports.

Photograph of radio emission from a jet composited with a cluster of bright galaxies.

New observations provide a detailed look at radio emission from a powerful jet within the Perseus galaxy cluster.


As Different As Day and Night

Finding water on exoplanets is exciting enough, but we may also be able to use signs of water to learn more about a planet’s atmosphere.

Illustration of two black holes, each surrounded by an accretion disk, merging.

Redefining a Heavy Collision

Could the biggest — literally — gravitational-wave discovery yet be something other than what it initially seemed?

illustration of a star being torn apart and spread around a black hole

A New Kind of Changing-Look AGN?

Astrobites explores the unusual X-ray properties of an active galactic nucleus recently caught changing its appearance.

illustration of flow lines with kinks in them streaming off of the sun

Scientists may have an explanation for the strange kinks recently observed in streams of plasma flowing off of the Sun.

Illustration of a bright flash of light surrounded by ripples that represent gravitational waves

The collisions of neutron stars and black holes may be the key to unlock precise measurements of the cosmological parameters that describe our universe.

Illustration of stellar orbits around a central point, with a large gas cloud being torn apart in the foreground.

In 2019, Sgr A* woke up to emit a series of burps. What meal led to this indigestion?