diagram of a magnetic flux rope

Three-dimensional modeling of a passing solar storm reveals a new twist to the event’s magnetic field.

hubble space telescope image of the rosette nebula and the young stars at its center

Researchers use fractal geometry for the first time to simulate realistic emission nebulae around hot young stars.

image of the Sun releasing two coronal mass ejections

Spacecraft at Earth and on the way to Mars witnessed the same solar storm. What can this event tell us about how high-energy particles navigate the solar system?

composite ultraviolet and infrared image of the triangulum galaxy

Astrobites reports on efforts to map the in-depth star formation history of one of our galactic neighbors.

very large telescope image of the protoplanetary disk around IM Lupi

Could a giant planet cause the kinks and spirals seen in the disk around a young star?

An artist's impression of a stellar-mass black hole

What happens when stars and stellar-mass black holes meet in the disks surrounding supermassive black holes?

photograph of the Keck telescopes

Astrobites reports on how dark gaps in quasar spectra can help fill in gaps in our knowledge of reionization.

mosaic of the large magellanic cloud from swift observatory

A new special issue of the Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series introduces the second data release of an expansive spectroscopic survey.