A Young Population of Hidden Jets

A new study has revealed hidden young, powerful jets flung from around supermassive black holes in the distant universe.

NGC 5253

A new look at 20 years of multi-wavelength data has revealed a triplet system of star clusters hidden in a galaxy center. Astrobites reports.

beta pic

Alignment of a Star and a Planet

New measurements of a nearby star with a wide-orbit planet provide insight into how solar systems form.

early solar system

Orbits Evolving Under Gravity

How does the overall gravitational influence of the solar system affect smaller bodies within it?

brown dwarf

Transiting Brown Dwarfs from TESS

Astrobites reports on the TESS discovery of two transiting brown dwarfs to fill in the “brown dwarf desert”.

neutron star or black hole

Neutron star or black hole? That’s the question scientists are asking about the latest gravitational-wave detection from the LIGO and Virgo observatories.

Betelgeuse binary merger

New research suggests the familiar red supergiant Betelgeuse may be the outcome of one star in a binary pair consuming the other.

3200 Phaethon

In a new study, scientists explore the relationship between two especially nearby asteroids in preparation for a future fly-by mission.


Spotted: A Galactic PeVatron?

A new study may have identified a powerful cosmic accelerator in our galaxy.