Fermi sky pulsar
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A Cosmic Dance from Einstein@Home

What’s your computer doing when you’re not using it? It could be discovering hidden, record-breaking pulsars.

white dwarf planet surface
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The White Dwarf Opportunity with JWST

Can life survive the death of its star? In the quest to find out, planets orbiting white dwarfs present a unique observational opportunity.

circumbinary transit

X Marks the Region

Astrobites reports on how statistics can guide the search for previously undetected planets.


We’ve seen what the powerful ALMA observatory can do within our own galaxy — but what can it tell us about distant galaxies across our universe?

HR 6819 wide-field view

Casting Doubt on a Nearby Black Hole

Scientists recently announced the discovery of the nearest black hole to Earth — but there may be a different explanation for this stellar puzzle.


When a star like our Sun evolves into a red giant, what happens to its planets? A new study explores this apocalyptic future.


Astrobites sheds some light on the inner workings of an ultra-red, massive cluster core spotted at high redshift.

SDO AIA active region

How can we tell how much energy is leaking out of active regions on the Sun?