protoplanetary disk

When Is Moving Dust Unstable?

Dust grains in fluids can be found in protoplanetary disks, stellar interiors, and even near black holes — and we may be missing important behavior of these systems.


Earth life has a definite preference for particular kinds of molecules. Astrobites reports on where life got its taste for left-handed amino acids.

thin disk simulation

Accretion disks — which include everything from protoplanetary disks to disks around supermassive black holes — are notoriously challenging to model.


One of the most rapidly evolving elements of astronomy research is how we handle data. A new Special Issue of ApJ Supplements looks at related challenges and resources.

black holes in a globular cluster

Can black holes of any mass exist, or are there gaps in their possible sizes? Mergers may play a large role in the answer to this question.

red dwarf flare

Astrobites reports on the largest flare ever detected from the Sun’s closest neighbor, Proxima Centauri.

infrared galactic center

Finding A Planet Through the Dust

Finding planets in the dusty and crowded galactic center is a difficult task! A new study demonstrates the use of infrared microlensing surveys for discovering exoplanets.


Get ready for future science! Fog is no match for the Mars lander InSight, whose journey to the red planet is officially underway.