rogue planet

A Terrestrial-Mass Planet on the Run?

A recent study has identified what may be the first terrestrial-mass rogue world we’ve spotted drifting through the galaxy.

solar corona

Making Waves on the Sun

Sinuous, undulating waves in the Earth’s atmosphere play a large role in driving the weather patterns on our planet. Is this also happening on the Sun?


What’s the occurrence rate of potentially habitable exoplanets around Sun-like stars? Astrobites reports.


ASKAP is on the hunt for emission before and after a fast radio burst — which may prove key to unraveling the mystery of these explosions’ origins.


Climate Stabilization on Distant Worlds

Scientists explore whether a world covered in water can keep its climate as stable long-term as an Earth-like, continental world can.

The Cepheid RS Puppis as Seen by Hubble

Seeing Cepheids in the X-Ray

Unexpected X-ray emission has been observed in some variable stars when they’re at their largest size. What could be the cause?

W3/W4/W5 complex

How Do Imines Form in Space Clouds?

Astrobites reports on the space-based formation of imines, molecules that are precursors to DNA.

giant impact

New state-of-the-art simulations reveal what may have happened when a planetary-mass impactor smashed into the early Earth.