Tarantula nebula

Today we celebrate a milestone for AAS Nova and reflect on some of what’s happened in astronomy in the past five years.

UGC 4459

Astrobites reports on active galactic nuclei discovered within dwarf galaxies with the MaNGA survey.

basalt oxidization

Is Venus still volcanically active today? The differences between the two rocks shown here point to an answer.

protoplanetary disk illustration

Hints of Young Solar Systems

How did our solar system’s planets first form within the swirling disk of gas and dust that surrounded the newborn Sun? New observations from ALMA provide clues.


Scientists have gone on the hunt for feeding supermassive black holes that show periodic patterns in their varying high-energy light.

IRAS 16547-4247

Astrobites reports on the discovery of table salt and super-heated water in two massive protostellar disks, hinting at a new type of “hot-disk” chemistry.


Pulsars have historically been classified into different categories — but the distinction between them may be blurrier than we thought.

WASP-121b artist impression

There’s Metal in the Air

What metals can be found in the atmospheres of ultra-hot Jupiters?