Artist's depiction of two black holes nearing a merger.

Today’s article might leave your head spinning — read on for an investigation into how the spins of binary black holes have changed across cosmic time!

photograph of the green bank telescope in front of rolling mountains

Astrobites reports on a search for broadband radio waves coming from our closest stellar neighbors.

representative-color optical image of the taffy galaxies

When galaxies clash, is star formation heightened or quenched? The Taffy galaxies (UGC 12914/5) provide an excellent setting to probe this question.

Star surrounded by a planet-forming disk

What’s the culprit that can cause misalignment between a star’s axis and the plane of its surrounding protoplanetary disk? An outside force, or the system itself?

Collage of binary star systems

Thanks to large-scale astronomical surveys, we can study huge numbers of binary star systems. What can our observations of these systems tell us about how our galaxy influences binary stars?

JWST blueprints

Star Light, Lamp Bright

How clearly will JWST see exoplanetary atmospheres? Astrobites reports on the use of artificial stars and planets to estimate JWST’s precision.

composite representative color image of the andromeda galaxy
AAS News

AAS 240: Day 4

The final day of AAS 240 brought balloon-borne science, dusty discoveries, and a workshop by our very own Astrobites authors!

artist's impression of a supernova remnant
AAS News

AAS 240: Day 3

Eclipse expectations, destructive white dwarfs, and discussing the decommissioning of a telescope — all that and more in our summary of Day 3 of AAS 240!