Planet Formation Caught in the Act

Scientists have caught a planet in the act of forming within a protoplanetary disk. What can we learn as we watch it grow?

solar flare

Microwaves from Solar Flares

A new view of the Sun in microwaves has revealed fresh details of what happens when a powerful flare erupts from the Sun into space.

SN 2011fe

Astrobites reports on the discovery that Type Ia supernovae may fall into two distinct sub-populations.

A new study explores how we can optimize the hunt for advanced extraterrestrial civilizations — by targeting galaxies that host observable neutron-star mergers.

Blanco Telescope Dome

Three years of optical survey data have revealed delicate stellar trails that may help us understand how the Milky Way halo was constructed.

Segue 1

The Origin of the Satellite Segue 1

A new study has measured the first proper motions for our mysterious neighboring galaxy Segue 1, providing clues to its origins.

Taurus molecular cloud

The Elder Generation of Taurus

Astrobites reports on the stellar membership roster for Taurus-Auriga, the nearest large star-forming region.

MWC 758

A new study hunts for a planetary-mass companion that may be driving the creation of these large-scale spiral arms.

Sun magnetic fields

What causes the variability in the Sun’s mean magnetic field — the imbalance left over after averaging out all the magnetic flux regions on the Sun’s disk?