Launching a Stellar Superflare

Superflares are immense stellar outbursts that are often accompanied by coronal mass ejections. What can we learn from simulations of these energetic events?

Pisces–Eridanus stellar stream

A Nearby Stellar Stream Gets Carded

The Pisces–Eridanus stellar stream may try to pass itself off as a billion years old, but scientists are calling its bluff.

Centaurus A

Does an AGN Help or Hurt Star Formation?

Astrobites reports on how the impressive twin outflows created by an energetic galaxy nucleus might affect its star formation.

dwarf galaxy merger simulation

Could globular clusters rise from the wreckage of a dwarf-galaxy collision? New simulations are helping us to find out.

Barnard 68

A new study has discovered molecular gas, the dense fuel for star formation, farther out in our universe than ever before.


The latest discovery in the Kepler mission data? A light white dwarf that defies all expectations.

gas-giant transit

Heating Up the Guts of Gas Giants

Astrobites reports on how hot Jupiters’ toasty exteriors affect their atmospheres and deep interiors.

black hole neutron star binary

Can the mergers of neutron stars with another type of exotic object, black holes, reveal important information?

Beehive Cluster

Take a moment to relax with today’s post about stellar rotation slowdown. All the stars are winding down, too — or are they?