artist's impression of a tidal disruption event

A Survey of Shredded Stars

A new look at 30 instances of stars being torn apart by black holes gives insight into the physical properties of these events.

Hubble image of an ultra-faint dwarf galaxy

Astrobites reports on a newly discovered local galaxy, which has re-ignited the debate about the role that reionization plays in quenching ultra-faint dwarf galaxies.

An illustration of an opaque planet transiting in front of a star. The planet is surrounded by a comet-like coma of darker material.

JWST helps astronomers track down the tiny tail and missing methane of exoplanet HAT-P-18b.

An illustration of a free-floating planet

Astrobites reports on a free-floating planet that may have paid a visit to a binary star system hosting an exoplanet and a debris disk.

Hubble image of the Butterfly Nebula
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AAS 241: Day 4

The final day of AAS 241 brought insights into exploding stars, exposition on open-source code, and a summary of a fantastic year of science with JWST.

artist's impression of a rocky exoplanet
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AAS 241: Day 3

Check out astrobites’s coverage of Day 3 of AAS 241 to learn about how astronomers unearth black holes, study tiny galaxies, and map magnetic fields!

Optical image of the Pleiades star cluster
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AAS 241: Day 2

Read about exoplanet discoveries, plasma raining down on the Sun, and much, much more in astrobites’s summary of Day 2 at AAS 241!

Illustration of two bright blue bodies colliding and emitting jets of matter in the process.
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AAS 241: Day 1

Check out summaries of plenaries, town halls, and lots of JWST news in astrobites’s coverage of Day 1 of AAS 241!