NGC 6946

This stunning image reveals a face-on spiral galaxy rich with the fireworks of stellar birth and death.

binary neutron star

When neutron stars or black holes merge, will they emit light? A neglected factor may affect the answer: electric charge.

solar filaments

Exploring Filaments on the Sun

Images of the Sun’s chromosphere often reveal dark threads cutting across the Sun’s face. New research explores the structure of one such solar filament.

M-dwarf flare

U(V) Light Up My Life

M dwarfs are known to be active, flaring stars. Astrobites reports on whether this radiation could potentially fuel life instead of destroying it.


The NuSTAR spacecraft’s X-ray view has revealed new details about a particularly extreme supernova remnant.

Artist's impression of a planetesimal

A Faster Way to Form Planets

Could icy planetesimals roaming the galaxy act as seeds for planet formation?

EHT observations of M87

Astronomers have used a telescope that spans the globe to capture the first detailed images of a black hole.

protoplanetary disk

Astrobites reports on what the hunt for nitrogen-bearing molecules in nearby protoplanetary disks has revealed.