Illustration of the Milky Way with a spot in one arm identified. A zoom-in inset shows a spherical grid in which two molecular clouds are plotted.

Viewing Star Formation from a New Angle

New studies of star forming clouds have expanded into the 3D universe — and now you can explore their results in 3D, too.

Stellar Nurseries in the Palm of Your Hand
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Stellar Nurseries in the Palm of Your Hand

3D printing offers a new view of star-forming regions.

Planets, Planets Everywhere (Not Just Where You'd Think)

Gravitational microlensing allows astronomers to search for exoplanets throughout the Milky Way.

Heavy Metals Hint at an Unusually Dense White Dwarf

Titanium and chromium found in a supernova remnant suggest differences between exploding white dwarfs.

Illustration of a compact star with beams of light emitting from its poles.
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More Insight into Neutron Star Interiors

Recent X-ray observations of an enormous neutron star provide clues to its interior structure.

Photograph taken at night showing three radio dishes in part of an array.
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Fuel Reserves in Ancient Galaxies

Frenzied star formation in our universe slowed 8–10 billion years ago. A recent study explores how much fuel these galaxies had available for making stars.

Five images show different gas velocity components of an elliptical protoplanetary disk surrounding a young star.
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Weighing a Protoplanetary Disk

How much matter is available to form baby planets in disks around young stars? Scientists have demonstrated a new approach to weighing disks.

Illustration of an enormous loop of plasma erupting from the surface of a dim, red star.
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Flaring Antics from Our Stellar Neighbor

Scientists recently reported on the largest flare ever recorded from our nearest neighboring star, Proxima Centauri.