Reading the Epic of Reionization

Astrobites reports on how dim galaxies lensed by foreground clusters provide a way of measuring the reionization of our universe.

trans-Neptunian object

Astrobites reports on how the search for Planet Nine has revealed another unusual object in our solar system.


This infrared, false-color image reveals W51A, a giant ionized bubble in which very young, massive stars are just beginning to form.


Reversing Winds on Hot Jupiters

The winds of exoplanets HAT-P-7b and CoRoT-2b blow in the opposite direction from what we expect. Could magnetic fields have something to do with this odd reversal?

tidal disruption event

The Zwicky Transient Facility is officially open for business, and it’s already watched a black hole tear apart a star.


Astrobites explores the possibility that a local void is messing with our measurements of the Hubble constant along the cosmic distance ladder.


Inflating a Super-Puff Planet

Super-puffs — fluffy planets with abnormally low densities — are a problem: according to theoretical models, they shouldn’t exist.

Stellar plasma and saltwater

How can the behavior of Earth’s oceans help us understand chemical abundances in red-giant stars?