What’s going on inside the atmosphere of KELT-9b, the hottest exoplanet known? New observations give us a look.


Do mid-sized black holes exist? A new study has found solid evidence of an intermediate mass black hole indulging in a snack.

light sail

Astrobites reports on how sailing spaceships could be propelled by photons and particles from astrophysical sources, potentially approaching the speed of light.


What can the metal-enriched gas surrounding distant galaxies tell us about how our universe evolved after the first sources of light appeared?

binary pulsar

Signals from Neutron Star Binaries

Fast radio bursts are odd signals with (so far) unknown sources. Could binary neutron star systems play a role in this mystery?

The Planetary Science Journal

Planetary Studies from a New Journal

The Planetary Science Journal has officially published its first issue. Read on for a look at the first articles included!

Sombrero Galaxy

Good Luck Sorting This Hat

Astrobites reports on the challenge of sorting galaxies. New evidence suggests that, much like Harry Potter, the Sombrero galaxy may fit into more than one category.

DSHARP disks

Observations of the gas in the disks around young stars may provide new evidence for the presence of hidden planets.