Illustration of a bright ring of material surrounding a dense, textured, reddish bubble.

How Many Years Does it Take to Get to the...

After more than 30 years, have astronomers finally discovered what the compact object at the center of Supernova 1987A is? Astrobites reports.

Direct image of a bright, blue swirl of material forming a spiral disk with long streamers.

This stunning image captures the details of a swirling disk of gas and dust around a star more than 500 light-years away.

A quasar sits on a sparse background of distant stars. The black hole is represented by a white circle at the center of a flat, pancake-like cloud of pink and blue dust and clouds. The black hole shoots out white jets and debris towards the upper-right and lower-left.

What can radio observations tell us about very distant, quasar-hosting galaxies?

Composite image showing an explosive outflow that looks like a firework set against a backdrop of stars.

A Map of a Stellar Explosion

A recent study reveals details of a violent explosion that might provide clues about how massive stars are born.

Lineup of five planets, including Earth, showing relative sizes of some known habitable-zone planets.

Exoplanets with radii between 1.5 and 2 Earth radii are scarce! Astrobites reports on whether known planets’ environments might contribute to this radius valley.

Left: Drawing of a disk representing the sun's surface, with several dark clusters of spots colored in. Right: image of the sun taken at 193 Å.

Astronomers have drawn detailed maps of dark spots on the Sun’s surface for hundreds of years. Can computers help us to bridge between historical and modern datasets?

UAT cover

It’s been a year since we first discussed this unique organizational tool! Here’s a look at what’s new with the UAT.

Illustration of magnetic field lines extending in a tail beyond the earth. the moon lies within the region shielded by the magnetic field.

How to Get Water on the Moon

Without a resupply source, the Moon’s surface water would vanish. What’s keeping it hydrated?