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Matthew Hedman and Rob Chancia 2021 Planet. Sci. J. 2 107

New analysis of the highest-resolution Voyager images of Uranus’s dusty ring system reveals that a number of these rings are less than 20 km wide.

Mary E. Putman et al 2021 ApJ 913 53

Measurements of the 119 Local Group dwarf galaxies show that 53 of 55 dwarfs within the Milky Way’s virial radius are devoid of gas, and 27 of 30 beyond the virial radius are stripped as well.

Cristina M. Dalle Ore et al 2021 Planet. Sci. J. 2 83

Examination of the H2O ice phase on the surface of Dione, one of Saturn’s icy satellites, supports the hypothesis that Dione might have been recently active and is still harboring a body of liquid water under its crust.

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