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Bryanne McDonough and Tereasa G. Brainerd 2022 ApJ 933 161
The simulated satellite galaxy distribution generally does a poor job of tracing the mean density of the host galaxy, but the degree of agreement between the two quantities is dependent upon the color of the host galaxy.

Megan N. Barnett and Stephanie L. Olson 2022 Planet. Sci. J. 3 132
Models of marine life suggest that tilted planets may have more oxygen available, with the amount of available biospheric oxygen doubling when the tilt is increased from 0 to 45 degrees.

P. Hunana et al 2022 ApJS 260 26
Researchers provide a tabulation of an analytical form of the Braginskii model, which, among other features, makes dealing with fluids composed of multiple species more tractable.
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