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Yuhito Shibaike et al 2019 ApJ 885 79

A new scenario — which well reproduces observations — is hypothesized for the origin of Jupiter’s Galilean system, based on the capture of several planetesimal seeds and subsequent slow accretion of pebbles.

Hu Zou et al 2019 ApJS 245 4

The Beijing–Arizona Sky Survey, a wide and deep optical imaging survey covering a 5400 deg2 area, aims to provide galaxy and quasar targets for follow-up by the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument.

Yutaka Hirai et al 2019 ApJ 885 33

New simulations demonstrate that neutron-star mergers, asymptotic giant branch stars, electron-capture supernovae, and rotating massive stars all play roles in the enrichment histories of Local Group dwarf galaxies.

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