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Wei Zhu et al 2017 ApJL 849 L31

MOA-2016-BLG-290, a lensing low-mass star or brown dwarf in the galactic bulge, is the first microlensing event for which we have signals from three well-separated locations: Spitzer, K2, and Earth.

Malcolm Hicken et al 2017 ApJS 233 6

New multiband photometry and optical spectra for a sample of spectroscopically confirmed supernovae will provide insight into Type II supernovae explosions and develop methods for their classification.

Roberta M. Humphreys et al 2017 ApJ 848 86

New results on two supernova impostors in NGC 2403 suggest that both survivors are now hot supergiant stars, and their progenitors were evolved massive stars that experienced eruptions or high-mass-loss events.

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