AAS Publishing at AAS 244 in Madison

AAS 244 is nearly here! The AAS Publishing team looks forward to connecting with meeting attendees in Madison, WI, and we’re excited to share a preview of upcoming publishing-related events. Attending the meeting will be Julie Steffen (AAS Chief Publishing Officer), Ethan Vishniac (AAS Journals Editor in Chief), Gus Muench (AAS Journals Data Editor), and Katie Merrell (AAS Journals Data Editor). Several of the editors of the AAS journals, including Fred Rasio (Editor of the Astrophysical Journal Letters) and Steve Kawaler (Lead Editor of the Stars and Stellar Physics research corridor) will be in attendance as well. Be sure to stop by the AAS booth in the Exhibit Hall to say hello, chat about the journals, have your data questions answered, and pick up some swag!

AAS Nova Editors Kerry Hensley and Susanna Kohler, AAS Media Fellow Ben Cassese, Astrobites Media Intern Nathalie Korhonen Cuestas, and the rest of the Astrobites team will also be available periodically at the Astrobites booth in the Exhibit Hall.

Open Science at AAS 244

Note: The following section contains links to the AAS 244 block schedule. You must be logged in for these links to direct you to the correct session; otherwise, they will take you to the main block schedule page.

On Tuesday, an oral session on outreach and education will take place in Ballroom D from 2:00 to 3:30 pm CDT. One of the talks in this session will introduce a recent special issue of the Bulletin of the American Astronomical Society that provides “eclipse science and investigations, resources for safe viewing, astrophotography, education tools and resources, personal reflections, peer-reviewed papers, explorations of individuals’ reactions to solar eclipses, descriptions of events, and discussions of logistics” for the three most recent solar eclipses to cross North America. As a bonus, this session also includes a talk by Tom Rice (AAS Education Specialist) on eclipse-related outreach to Deaf, hard-of-hearing, and signing audiences.

On Wednesday, be sure to attend the Astrophysics and Open Science splinter session. This session will bring together members of the NASA Astrophysics Division and the NSF on a panel to speak on NASA and NSF efforts to enable Open Science and take questions on this topic. You can submit your questions ahead of time; the link to submit questions is available in the abstract linked above. The session will take place 11:00 am – 12:30 pm CDT in the Hall of Ideas I.