AAS Publishing at AAS 243 in New Orleans

AAS 243 is nearly here! The AAS Publishing team looks forward to connecting with meeting attendees in New Orleans, LA, and we’re excited to share a preview of upcoming publishing-related events. Attending the meeting will be Julie Steffen (AAS Chief Publishing Officer), Ethan Vishniac (AAS Journals Editor in Chief), Frank Timmes (AAS Journals Associate Editor in Chief), and Chris Lintott (Editor of Research Notes of the AAS). The entire AAS Journals data editing team will be in attendance as well — that’s Gus Muench, Greg Schwarz, and Katie Merrell. Finally, Jennifer Kelzenberg from IOP Publishing will be on site to talk about the AAS Chandrasekhar Style Guide. Be sure to stop by the AAS booth in the Exhibit Hall to say hello and pick up some swag, including some newly designed AAS Nova bookmarks!

AAS Nova Editors Kerry Hensley and Susanna Kohler, AAS Media Fellow Ben Cassese, Astrobites Media Intern Briley Lewis, and the rest of the Astrobites team will also be available at the Astrobites booth in the Exhibit Hall.

Data Editors Help Desk

The AAS Journals data editors will be staffing a help desk in the Exhibit Hall for the first time at AAS 243. Stop by the help desk to learn more about the work of the data editors, how they can help you present and organize your data in published research articles, and get one-on-one assistance with your data challenges. The data editors will be available anytime the Exhibit Hall is open. One-on-one sessions are also available over email; reach out to data-editors@aas.org for more information.

AAS Peer Review Workshop

Building on the successes of the first-ever in-person peer review training at AAS 242, this workshop led by the scientific editors of the AAS journals will teach participants about the peer review process, give them the opportunity to see both poor and exemplary referee reports, and provide them with hands-on experience in writing a peer review report. Participants will receive a graduation certificate.

While signups for this instance of the peer review workshop are closed, another workshop is planned for AAS 244 in Madison, WI, so keep an eye out for more information about upcoming opportunities!

Open Science at AAS 243

Note: The following section contains links to the AAS 243 block schedule. You must be logged in for these links to direct you to the correct session; otherwise, they will take you to the main block schedule page.

There are many exciting sessions, splinters, and exhibit hall booths occurring this week on the hot topic of Open Science. Love ADS? On Monday, the oral session #134 Laboratory Astrophysics and Open Science (Room R05) includes a talk presenting the ADS for All of NASA Science — the all new SciX! Don’t miss any of the Tuesday’s wide-ranging iPoster session #258 Data Tools and Open Science. The main session for talking to the presenters about their open-source codes and analysis techniques is Tuesday at 5:30–6:30 pm, though their iPosters are available all week.

Wednesday brings two important forums for learning about and engaging with Open Science. In the morning, a public splinter session titled Transform to Open Science Ethos Training runs from 9:00 am to 11:30 am in Room 242 and intends to introduce the ethos of open science. Learners will become familiar with the definitions central to open science and explore some concrete examples of the benefits to researchers, the pace and quality of science, and the public. Wednesday afternoon (1:00–2:30 pm, Room 237) brings the Astrophysics and Open Science session that includes a panel of members of the NASA Astrophysics Division, the Science Mission Directorate Science Data Office, the Transform to Open Science (TOPS) mission, and the NSF to speak to NASA and NSF efforts to enable Open Science and answer queries about the same.

Be sure to stop by some of the related exhibitor booths to talk more Open Science! TOPS and Science Mission Directorate representatives will be at the NASA booth (#702), while ADS can be found at the Center for Astrophysics | Harvard & Smithsonian booth (#315). Lastly, the AAS Journal Data editors are hoping you’ll stop by our new Data Help Desk (#822) to talk open science, data archiving, and everything else in between.