Featured Image: Mini-Disks in a Black-Hole Binary

This image shows a snapshot from a simulation of a relativistic binary black hole system. A recent study led by Dennis Bowen (Rochester Institute of Technology) presents the first exploration of gas dynamics in relativistic binary black hole systems in which each black hole is surrounded by its own small accretion disk. Bowen and collaborators use their 2D hydrodynamical simulations to explore how gas is passed back and forth between the two “mini-disks” as the black holes orbit each other. They also examine what kind of distinctive observable signals might be caused by this “sloshing” and by tidally driven spiral waves in the disks. To read more about their outcomes, check out the article below!


Dennis B. Bowen et al 2017 ApJ 838 42. doi:10.3847/1538-4357/aa63f3