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Mathias Ross and Vikram V. Dwarkadas 2017 AJ 153 246

The Supernova X-ray Database (SNaX) is a compilation of the X-ray data from young supernovae, from days to years after outburst. SNaX provides public access to the data and plot for each supernova.

P. M. Plewa et al 2017 ApJ 840 50

The evolution of the ionized gaseous component and the dusty component of G2, a gas cloud that approached the black hole Sgr A* in the galactic center in 2014, is examined in 2015–16 after the cloud’s approach.

Piero Madau and Tassos Fragos 2017 ApJ 840 39

New calculations show that the contribution of X-ray binaries to the ionization of the bulk IGM during the epoch of reionization is negligible; direct He I photoionizations are the main source of IGM heating.

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