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K. Sárneczky et al 2016 AJ 152 220

A decade-long survey of the activity of 50 long-period comets in our solar system shows that dynamically new comets have a higher level of activity and develop more symmetric comae.

R. O. Chancia and M. M. Hedman 2016 AJ 152 211

Voyager 2 images of Uranus’s α and β rings show patterns that may be wakes from small moonlets orbiting exterior to the rings. The moonlets’ estimated sizes are too small to resolve in the images, however.

B. Luo et al 2017 ApJS 228 2

An X-ray catalog of over 1000 sources is presented for the ~7 million second exposure of the Chandra Deep Field-South, which covers a total area of 484.2 square arcmin at unprecedented X-ray sensitivity.

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