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A. D. Costa et al. 2015 ApJ 807 L21

17 giant stars from the Kepler survey are reported to exhibit rapid rotation, with periods of 13 to 55 days — much faster than the values predicted by stellar evolutionary theory.

F. Acero et al. 2015 ApJS 218 23

This is the release of the deepest source catalog ever in the 100MeV-300GeV range! It includes over 3000 gamma-ray sources, of which more than 1000 are identified as blazars.

Kedron Silsbee and Roman R. Rafikov 2015 ApJ 808 58

These calculations suggest Kepler-discovered planets circling binary star systems on ~1AU orbits likely didn’t form in situ, but instead formed further out and migrated in to where they are now.

Kevin J. Walsh and Harold F. Levison 2015 AJ 150 11

Simulations of the formation of Pluto’s moons demonstrate collisions could knock debris outward in the system, addressing the problem of why Pluto’s outer moons are unexpectedly far from Pluto and Charon.

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