Observing Juneteenth and Black in Astro Week

The American Astronomical Society office will be closed today in observance of the newly established federal holiday, Juneteenth. As we recognize this day that celebrates the emancipation of enslaved African Americans, it’s also important that we look to the future. How can we continue to work to eradicate anti-Black racism in the astronomy community, and how can we better support Black astronomers?

Instead of our usual highlight today, we are sharing a few resources from our partner Astrobites, the Black in Astro team, and the Black in Physics team. We hope you’ll take this opportunity to learn more about Black experiences in space- and astronomy-related fields and help to celebrate and amplify them!

#BlackInAstro Series on Astrobites

This series, a collaboration between Astrobites and the Black In Astro community, is ongoing; you can check the the #BlackinAstro tag on the astrobites website for new posts.

  1. #BlackInAstro: How Can We Support Black Astronomers? by Astrobites (3 Jun 2020)
  2. #BlackInAstro: Black Representation in Astro/Physics and the Impact of Discrimination by Astrobites (12 Jun 2020)
  3. #BlackInAstro Experiences: KeShawn Ivory by KeShawn Ivory (19 Jun 2020)
  4. 1981: Barbara Williams becomes the first Black woman to get a PhD… by Jessica May Hislop (20 Jun 2020)
  5. #BlackInAstro Experiences: Ashley Walker by Mia de los Reyes (22 Jun 2020)
  6. #BlackInAstro: Not a Lack of Science Aspiration, But a Lack of Career Inspiration? by Luna Zagorac (23 Jun 2020)
  7. #BlackInAstro Experiences: Cheyenne Polius by Cheyenne Polius (24 Jun 2020)
  8. #BlackInAstro: Black Women in Astronomy and Physics by Kate Storey-Fisher (25 Jun 2020)
  9. #BlackInAstro Experiences: David Zegeye by David Zegeye (26 Jun 2020)
  10. #BlackInAstro Experiences: Ayanna Jones by Mia de los Reyes (27 Jun 2020)
  11. #BlackInAstro: A Glimpse Into African Cultural Astronomy by Briley Lewis (28 Aug 2020)
  12. #BlackInAstro Experiences: Dr. Greg Mosby by Briley Lewis (26 Oct 2020)
  13. #BlackInAstro Experiences: Dr. Sian Proctor by Briley Lewis (28 Oct 2020)
  14. #BlackInAstro Experiences: Katrina Miller by Mia de los Reyes (30 Oct 2020)
  15. #BlackInAstro: AAS237 Special Session on Anti-Blackness in Astronomy by Gourav Khullar (7 Feb 2021)
  16. #BlackInAstro Experiences: Dr. Jarita Holbrook by Luna Zagorac (26 Feb 2021)
  17. #BlackInAstro Experiences: Moiya McTier by Sabina Sagynbayeva (19 Mar 2021)
  18. #BlackInAstro Unsung Heroes: Crystal Tinch by guest author Katrina Miller (16 Apr 2021)
  19. #BlackInAstro Experiences: Dr. Tana Joseph by Ellis Avallone (7 May 2021)

Juneteenth #BlackInPhysics Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon

APS/Black in Physics banner that reads "Juneteenth Freedom Day Edit-a-thon Sunday June 20" and has images of the Wikipedia, APS, and Black in Physics logos.Celebrate Juneteenth Freedom Day with the American Physical Society and @BlackinPhysics by attending a Wikipedia edit-a-thon on Sunday, June 20, 12:00–3:00 p.m. ET, where we’ll be creating & editing Wikipedia pages about Black physicists. Anyone is welcome to attend. Sign up today! https://go.aps.org/2Re7iEu

#BlackInAstro Week

June 20–26 is Black in Astro Week 2021! Join the Black in Astro community in celebrating and amplifying Black experiences in astronomy- and space-related fields in a week of events, panels, and more at BlackInAstro.com and on Twitter. The schedule and themes for each day of the week are listed below; you can sign up for events and find out more at BlackInAstro.com.

Sunday June 20 – #BlackInAstroGrandSlam
  • 4:00–6:00 pm EST: Come Meet the Black In Astro Team, watch performances, and B.Y.O.B (Bring Your Own Beverage) for a chill and fun night with prizes
Monday June 21 – #BlackXploration
  • Celebrate all things Aerospace, Astronauts, Aeronautics, Astronautics, and more! Share your stories/research with the hashtags #BlackInAeroRollCall & #BlackXploration
  • 6:00–7:30pm EST: Launching a Career Into Space: A Discussion about Aerospace Careers/Journey
  • Enter the giveaway for a chance to win one of three lego sets for kids!
Tuesday June 22 – #BlackToTheFuture
  • Celebrate with us as we dedicate this day to afrofuturism, art, astrophotography, and more — featuring special prizes!
  • Submit your astro-themed artwork for a chance to win some amazing prizes from ceramic artist, Amy Rae Hill, a $25.00 gift card from STARtoralist, and postcards from Dr. Sian Proctor.
  • Enter the giveaway for a chance to win one of two copies of Ytasha Womack’s book – Afrofuturism
  • 12:00–1:00 pm EST: Alien vs Predator/SKA Telescope Live Discussion with Dr. Tana Joseph Watch here (co-hosted by The SETI Institute)
Wednesday June 23 – #AstroWorld
  • Join us for an out of this world day dedicated to exoplanets, atmospheres, planet formation, and planetary sciences. Use the hashtag #AstroWorldRollCall to introduce yourself.
  • Join us on Instagram and Twitter as we takeover the SETI pages for a day full of fun facts and trivia
Thursday June 24 – #BlackWhole
  • Join us for a day filled with poetry and featuring Black Holes, Dark Matter, Galaxies and Gravitational Waves! Use the hashtag #BlackWholeRollCall to introduce yourself and share your research
  • Summarize research using a haiku for a chance to win a $30.00 gift card and other special prizes
  • Join our founder and co-organizer Ashley Lindalia & Dakotah Tyler for a special SETI Live event
Friday June 25 – #AllTheStars
  • All the stars are closer. Join us as we celebrate Black influences on the Black Space Family Members and let’s talk about some ISM and stars
  • Use the hashtag #AllTheStarsRollCall to introduce yourself and tell your story of who influenced you in the space sciences
Saturday June 26 – #BlackSpace
  • Let’s talk about Black scicommers and educators. Join us for a day filled with science communication knowledge
  • Use the hashtag #BlackSpaceRollCall to introduce yourself
  • Special video premiere
  • Join us for trivia night with a special prize giveaway
Poster describing the events of the BlackinAstro Week 2021. See article text for details.

#BlackInAstro Week 2021 schedule, from blackinastro.com.