Featured Image: A Bent Radio Jet in a Galaxy Cluster


This stunning composite image (click for the full view!) reveals the radio emission (shown in red) from a bent jet that was launched from the galaxy NGC 1272, the bright source just to the right of the image center. The 12’ x 12’ image of the Perseus galaxy cluster is captured by the Sloan Digital Sky Survey; the brightest central galaxy of the cluster, NGC 1275, can be seen to NGC 1272’s left. A new publication led by Marie-Lou Gendron-Marsolais (European Southern Observatory) presents high-resolution Very Large Array images of the detailed radio structures in the Perseus cluster. The authors use these new data to study how the galaxy’s movement as it falls into the cluster, as well as the bulk motions of the intracluster gas, shape the powerful radio jet into the dramatic shapes we see here. For more information, check out the original article below.


“VLA Resolves Unexpected Radio Structures in the Perseus Cluster of Galaxies,” M.-L. Gendron-Marsolais et al 2021 ApJ 911 56. doi:10.3847/1538-4357/abddbb