AAS 231: Welcome!

Greetings from the 231st American Astronomical Society meeting in National Harbor, Maryland! This week, AAS Media Fellow Kerry Hensley and I will be joined by a team of talented Astrobites authors — Caroline Huang, Chris Lovell, Nathan Sanders, Nora Shipp, and Benny Tsang — writing updates on selected events at the meeting. We’ll post the summary of the day’s events at the end of each day, and you can follow along here or at astrobites.com. The usual posting schedule for AAS Nova will resume next week.

Want to get a head start before the #AAS231 plenaries begin? Astrobites has been conducting brief interviews with the plenary speakers; you can read about them as they come out over at Astrobites.

We hope to see you around at National Harbor! Here are a few AAS Publishing and Astrobites events that might be of interest to you at the meeting:

Otherwise, drop by and visit AAS, AAS Journals, and Astrobites at the AAS booth in the exhibit hall to learn more about AAS’s new publishing endeavors, pick up some Astrobites swag, or grab a badge pin to represent your AAS journals corridor!