Globular Clusters for Faint Galaxies

New Hubble images of two ultra-diffuse galaxies have revealed an enormous number of globular clusters. Why do these dim galaxies host so many?

Helix Nebula gas

Distant quasars can appear to twinkle when material lies between them and us. A new study blames nearby hot stars for some of the extreme variability of quasars.


Astrobites discusses a new way to explore The Big Question: is there life beyond our solar system?

X-ray cores

Hidden black holes have been discovered lurking in the centers of nearby low-mass galaxies.

plunging black hole

Small, speeding clouds discovered at the center of our galaxy may have been formed by plunging black holes.


Hot Jupiters are predicted to spiral ever closer to their hosts until they meet their eventual demise. Are we watching this happen with WASP-12b?

Planet Nine

Is There a Planet Nine?

Astrobites reports on the latest voice in the debate of whether there is a Planet Nine.

Circumplanetary disk

Exploring Disks Around Planets

We’ve never spotted a circumplanetary disk before — but thanks to new simulations, we now have a better idea of what to look for.


Could this unusual star’s missing flux be due to internal blockage rather than something outside of the star?