TW Hya

A novel approach has been proposed for measuring properties of protoplanetary disks, the birthplaces of young exoplanets.

the Sirius system

Patience is finally paying off for a team of scientists who have been observing the Sirius star system for nearly 20 years.


Astrobites reports on whether star-forming galaxies could be the dominant source of neutrinos measured by IceCube.


Evidence is mounting that Europa’s icy surface is active and vents water vapor from its subsurface ocean.

black hole binaries

A new study examines how we can tell whether the black holes detected by LIGO were formed hierarchically from mergers of smaller black holes.


Can we learn about the low-energy gamma-ray sky using a tiny satellite telescope?

gamma-ray burst

Astrobites reports on how we might search for electromagnetic counterparts to future gravitational-wave detections.


Escape for the Slow Solar Wind

New simulations may have resolved the puzzle of where the slow solar wind comes from and how it escapes the Sun.