Orion in context

Looking for something fun and rewarding to do in your spare time? A new citizen-science project has been added to the Zooniverse platform: Astronomy Rewind.


Super Star Clusters Far Far Away

Astrobites reports on super star clusters discovered using gravitational lensing.


Ever wonder what experimental astronomy looks like? Some days, it looks like this piece of agrillite in a wind tunnel.

Dust clouds around star

More Unusual Light Curves from Kepler

Twenty-three new objects have been added to the growing collection of stars that have unusual dips in their light curves.

AGN model

A Connection Between Corona and Jet

A new study provides us with clues to the relationship between accretion and outflows near the supermassive black holes at the centers of active galaxies.


A Volcanic Hydrogen Habitable Zone

Astrobites reports on whether volcanos can expand the region around a star within which life can survive.

Breakthrough Starshot

The Breakthrough Starshot Initiative will send tiny spacecraft to our nearest stellar neighbors. A new study examines how we can successfully propel these spacecraft on their way.

magnetic fields in compact objects

Some white dwarfs have magnetic fields with strengths of thousands to billions of times that of Earth. A new study examines how these fields might form.