The centers of sunspots aren’t all dark! This image of a sunspot reveals umbral dots — transient, bright features that lie in dark sunspot umbrae.

Christopher Conselice and M51

Meet your new AAS Lead Editor for the Galaxies and Cosmology corridor! Here’s how he got started, and what he thinks about his field and the publishing process.

Voyager 1's journey

Five and a half years after Voyager 1 zipped across the heliopause, Voyager 2 still hasn’t followed its twin into interstellar space. Can models of the heliopause location help determine why?

NASA Earth-observing satellites

Astrobites explores a possible new detection strategy in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence.


NICER Eyes on Bursting Stars

A new instrument recently deployed at the International Space Station is examining X-ray explosions on neutron-star surfaces.

Cassiopeia A supernova remnant

How can we use observations to learn more about the morphology of supernova remnants?


Planet interactions are thought to be common as solar systems are first forming and settling down. But what impact do these close encounters have on the moons of these planets?

HD 100453

Astrobites reports on the spiral arms seen in the protoplanetary disk around HD 100453 A, which appear to be caused by the star’s M-dwarf companion.