globular cluster

When a Star and a Binary Meet

What happens in the extreme environments of globular clusters when a star and a binary system meet?

fast radio burst

A Fast Radio Burst Every Second?

How frequently do fast radio busts occur in the observable universe? Two scientists have now developed a new estimate.

circumstellar disk

Forming Planetesimals in a Dust and Gas Vortex

Astrobites reports on AB Aur, which appears to have decaying vortex in its disk where planets are forming.


Featured Image: Waves in a Coronal Fan

Oscillations in these coronal fan loops were triggered by blast waves from distant flares.

Terzan 5
AAS News

Pulsar Jackpot in a Star Cluster

A treasure trove of pulsars reveals detailed information about the star cluster in which they reside.

failed solar eruption
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The Shredding of a Solar Filament

Solar eruptions don’t always succeed! Observations of a failed solar eruption tell us more about what drives the releases of energy from the Sun.

Boyajian's star

The WTF Star Strikes Again

Bizarre transits, century-long dimming, and now … brightening spells? Astrobites reports on the latest from Boyajian’s star.

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TRAPPIST-1’s Stability and Age

Is the TRAPPIST-1 exoplanetary system stable? And how old is it? Recent studies have explored both of these questions.