Peering Into an Early Galaxy

ALMA has provided a detailed look into the interior of CR7, one of the most distant, early galaxies known.

spotted star planet transit

Fraught with Spots

Astrobites reports on the challenge of starspots: if we don’t understand them, we won’t understand exoplanet atmospheres.

binary star formation

This still from a simulation captures the formation of a multiple-star system in action.

merging neutron stars

A recent study explores the source of the early blue emission we observed when two neutron stars merged in August 2017.

NGC 1052-DF2

Missing dark matter is not the only oddity of NGC 1052–DF2. New observations of this unusual galaxy are forcing us to rethink what we know about galaxies and the star clusters they host.

Type Ia supernova

A White Dwarf Kicked Out of a Supernova

Astrobites reports on the first known white dwarf to have survived the partial explosion of a (failed) Type Ia supernova.

Mars asteroids

Asteroids from a Martian Mega Impact

Could a long-ago giant impact have flung pieces of Mars throughout our inner solar system? Numerical simulations and clues from the mineral olivine point us toward an answer.

S106 star-forming region

Magnetic Fields Versus Gravity

What can dust polarization measurements tell us about the magnetic fields in the star-forming region W51?