Driving Jets from the Sun

What launches powerful eruptions from the Sun’s surface? New simulations explore how reconfiguring magnetic fields can lead to explosions of energy.

warm Jupiter

Can We Detect Exo-Seasons?

Astrobites explores whether we’ll be able to observe seasons on warm-Jupiter exoplanets with the James Webb Space Telescope.

RGG 118

Hubble reveals a detailed look at the dwarf galaxy hosting the smallest active supermassive black hole known.

giant exoplanet

An Eccentric Planet Skims a Giant Star

Scientists have discovered the most eccentric planet known to orbit a giant star.

Arp 274

Galactic Pairs in the Early Universe

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, today we’ll be exploring apparent pairs of galaxies in the distant, early universe.


GW170817: The X-Ray Emission Did What?

Astrobites reports on what we’ve learned from X-ray observations of the momentous neutron-star merger GW170817.

dwarf galaxy

Are We Really Missing Small Galaxies?

We observe far fewer small galaxies than current theory predicts. Are these galaxies actually missing, or is this a problem of interpretation?


Our solar system is traveling through interstellar gas and dust. What happens where the solar wind and interstellar medium meet?

ultra-fast outflows

A New Look at Speeding Outflows

Chandra and Hubble have teamed up for a multi-eye look at an ultra-fast outflow speeding from the supermassive black hole at the center of a nearby active galaxy.