Is S0-2 a Binary Star?

The most exciting discoveries in astronomy all have something in common: they let us marvel at the fact that nature obeys laws of physics. Astrobites reports on the star S0-2, one of these exciting discoveries.

neutron-star merger

It’s rare that science progresses forward in a giant leap, with years of theories confirmed in one fell swoop. The simultaneous detection of a neutron-star merger in gravitational waves and photons marks one of these leaps.

WWT Fermi LAT 8-year sky map
AAS News

WorldWide Telescope Hits the Web

Astronomers, have you missed out on WorldWide Telescope (WWT) because you’re not on a Windows computer? Good news: WWT can now be accessed via a web interface.

UGC 11411 Hubble

Exploring Our Low-Mass Neighbors

Taking advantage of a program offered by the National Radio Astronomy Observatory, an undergraduate class has observed local dwarf galaxies to learn about their properties.

Illustris project

Astrobites reports on the story of star formation in different galaxies.

gamma-ray burst

Will we be able to combine observations of neutrinos and gravitational waves in the future to provide a deeper picture of astrophysical events?

hot Jupiter

Why Are Hot Jupiters So Lonely?

Jupiter-like planets with blisteringly close-in orbits are generally friendless, with no nearby planets transiting along with them. A new study explains why.

Eagle Nebula

Making and Breaking Clouds

Molecular clouds — which you’re likely familiar with from stunning popular astronomy imagery — lead complicated, tumultuous lives.