cloudy exoplanet

A Partly Cloudy Exoplanet

New direct-imaging observations provide insight into the atmosphere of 51 Eri b, a nearby Jupiter-like exoplanet.

During the follow-up to the recent gravitational-wave detection GW170104, scientists uncovered a very special supernova. Astrobites reports on this explosion and what might have caused it.

AGN torus

Hidden Black Holes Revealed?

New research suggests that the dusty environments surrounding supermassive black holes may be hiding many of the brightest from our view.

first stars

Maxing Out the Mass of Early Stars

How large could some of the earliest stars have grown before collapsing into supermassive black holes?

Tycho SNR

A 3D View of a Supernova Remnant

Astronomers have built the first-ever 3D map of a Type Ia supernova remnant using observations of Tycho, a supernova first observed nearly 450 years ago.


Things That Go “Chirp” in the Night

Do neutron-star–black-hole mergers have electromagnetic chirps similar to the gravitational-wave chirps detected by LIGO? Astrobites reports on what we can expect to see.

composite image

This beautiful composite image reveals the grazing collision of two galaxies located 114 million light-years away from us.

space weather
AAS News

AAS 230: Day 4

This week we’re at the summer AAS meeting in Austin, TX. Here are the highlights from Day 4!